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Tie and shirt collocation method for successful man

Publié le 8 Mars 2013 in made to measure suit bespoke suit

For many office workers, bespoke suit, shirt and tie seems to be a standard dress, but if you only feel as a white-collar class, only can choose white shirt , so your wearing also is a bit too dull. Maybe you don't need to wear a suit to work every day, but in the budget is limited and keep the principle of the supremacy of taste, an office worker might as well prepare a few pieces of different color and design and color of the shirt and tie, for replacement, let oneself daily wear full of change.

White shirt and blue shirt is now mostly the first choice, and to make wearing full of change, but many to choose from several different color shirt, if cream-colored, gray, brown, neutral and do not break grave is tonal, can show a variety of fashionable taste. In addition, the striped shirt and shirt is plain colored plaid shirt to other than the a popular choice, just in the color and pattern choice, will do one's best is concise, not too fancy, such as the stripe "fine as needlepoint or pencil point", and a monochromatic rules for appropriate arrangement, and plaid shirt line also had better to monochromatic department, lattice area should not be more than "1 square centimeter" give priority to the custom of the array.

On the choice of the tie, it must, in accordance with the shirt color to match, and tie pattern or design, also should be conservative composed advisable, if twill, small dot, small square or rules repeated small design etc, it is right choice, no matter with color or contrast color collocation, as long as the master tie have the effect that make the finishing point, overall modeling is very outstanding, taste also can show immediately.

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