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Can wear the same outfit to every meeting?

Publié le 18 Mai 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

How important is my interview custom made suit. I have multiple meetings, can I wear the same outfit to every meeting?

he devil is in the details, and when you are looking to land a 6 figure job, you better believe they notice these things. With two weeks between interviews, and the fact you wore a conservative suit, a different shirt and tie will suffice. But in my opinion, you ought to look at avoiding this dilemma in the future and consider purchasing a new suit soon.

If you expect to be wearing a suit daily I would plan on slowly buying 5 suits, 15 shirts, and 10 ties. You’ll also need at least two pairs of quality shoes, although I recommend most of my clients own 4 to 5. If you plan it right and go with conservative colors and patterns that interchange easily, you’ll not only be able to dress without worrying about how you look but you’ll go months between wearing the same thing.

When looking to buy clothing, remember to look for these three things -

The Proper Fit – I don’t care if the suit has a 90% discount; if it doesn’t fit you it will not look good. And when you find a suit that fits you well, take it to get tailored so that it fits you perfectly. Nothing is as important as fit.

Timeless Style – Ensure the clothing is classic in style. You want a suit you can wear not only this season, but 5 years from now. Avoid fads like the current thin lapels, and instead opt for styles that compliment your individual body style. Spread shirt collars on the narrow faced man and point collars for the round faced fellow. Go with conservative colors such as navy blue or my favorite charcoal grey (which does not accentuate youth, thus helping you avoid looking like your 17).

Quality – Go with Wool if you can afford it, a blend with up to 40% man made fibers is OK if you are cash strapped. Wool is sought after because it maintains its shape, retains heat, absorbs moisture without showing, and it has the look other fabrics are judged by.

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