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Distinct types of individuals in various suits

Publié le 9 Janvier 2013

Seeking for suitable color for you, actually, guys is more dull than ladies for color , but the custom suits fair collocation on the critical lies while in the selection of colors, specialists in accordance with the hair color, skin color as well as the colour of eyes divide the guys into six sorts, each and every type sort of guy includes a corresponding appropriate colour for them, we may possibly at the same time refer to it.

Brunet kind ,this type of man have black hair and eyes, yellow to brown black Oriental colour of skin, compared with Chinese characteristics. This kind of persons pick brunet organization suit, and tie-in extreme color far more can display wellbeing angry. Popular charcoal gray (pure colour, weaving fine) and carbon brown, dark blue (pure color or with plain colored spots, stripes) deep olive suit is right option.

Light color form is suit for white face , light colour hair and eyes man. Consideration need to be paid to in colour,it never be deep than gray, or use the transition color shirt and change stability, so as not to have an effect on the complexion. A single color or clamp gray stripe suit will make you seem stylish, carbon color, shallow blue, gray and brown series are optional.

Brilliant and clean style, it is tonal contrast is very strong, the hair, eyes deep color, the skin is white, and this guy is suit for brilliant colors, colour wealthy clothing. A single colour or have a robust contrast stripe suit, charcoal gray, navy blue, charcoal brown and dark olive or dark green, are more appropriate for them.

Dark kind this kind of man it looks the relative lack of characteristics, the hair, eyes, skin color is definitely the doctrine from the imply, not all, but deciding on dark dress to become capable to reflect sophisticated bearing. Can test neutral some tonal in addition to a spot with the point of fits, charcoal gray, shallow purplish blue, gray green, beige, carbon blue green and so forth .

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