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Four Main Factors For Accessing A Good Shirt

Publié le 18 Juin 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

tailored made suit Pocket: generally good shirt without a pocket, this sentence will always be a true reflection. The triangular pocket and hex pocket generally more dress shirts, rounded pocket for more casual shirt. In addition, the pocket can also be made to open the line, double open lines and single line of this shirt seem personality and fashion. With button and flap, partial casual style, mostly in the grid and linen fabrics.
The placket: The most common hanging side placket with a dress on, more suited to tie more classic. Dark placket fashion, suitable for narrow tie with.
Back: If both sides of the double pleats, generally used for dress, seemed more formal; if it is the middle of single-fold, more casual; without pleats are generally used for the mix of fashion Slim models.
Hem: usually round hem hem of peace. Round hem line with the body shape, wearing more docile, the ordinary round hem dress shirts, generally tucked in his pants to wear. Hem front and rear body junction with a hexagonal decorative fabric reinforcement, is more resistant to the prison, is generally more outer wear, partial casual style. Flat hem generally suitable for older persons, more conservative style. If the flat side of the hem to do the slit, and a casual style, more appropriate outer wear.

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