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How to choose shirt collar type according to face

Publié le 11 Mai 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

The shirt is always male friends most often dressed incustom made suits clothes style regardless of the four seasons , understand their neck line and sleeve length is two important Numbers before buying, especially office worker status of male friends.

The above two points the basic elements only need to know before buying , other and personal preference color, material and whether breathable and how about absorb sweat and so on. There is often ignored is "shirt collar" type. There are too many men believe that all of the shirt collar type also is not the same, at most the most so-called stand collar or collar with buttons that's all. However not!

Though men shirt is more simple than women , but they style of autonomy is the collar type changes. Most people the impression to understand collar type should be based on Regular Point to lead, also because it is suitable for general work or for the formal dress . Regular collar type open Angle of about 75 degrees, collar point length at 7.5 cm and 8.5 cm between, regular collar is the most common use, suitable for all ages of men wearing, almost is applicable to all kinds of tie knots.

In recent years, slim suit coat is slightly popular, suitable for with such style collocation shirt its collar type should belong to "Short collar type", whole looks relatively young, Short collar pattern characteristic is open about 80 degree Angle, collar Point length for no more than 6 cm, suitable for tie with flat . Face belongs to elliptic long face of men are quite suitable for this kind of short collar type shirt.

"Long collar" type , its characteristic is obvious looks narrow, collar Point length of about 9 to 10 cm, with traditional style for the fine straight stripe cloth suits collocation, suitable for tie is a small triangle ". If you are belongs to a country word face is square face, long collar type has good modified effects.

As for itself belongs to the strong type shape and shoulder width is more wide size, suggest you should wear "open collar type" Wild Spread Point shirt, the collar type open Angle is about 120 degrees, suitable for collocation Windsor knot, suitable for suit design for double breasted or semi-formal jacket.

"Button" type in recent years by young workers love, this kind of collar type is nothing more than the regular collar collar point increase in the Button hole, in the past is used in informal shirt above, such as a lumberjack represent mesh shirt is blue color using "Button" type collar , but at present as long as it is locked young consumers fashion brand, can easy to find this kind of style shirt, but also some orthodox clothing researchers feel, so style shirt not too formal occasions should not be so to work in, but the author think this collar type instead of younger workers can show special li fell feeling and full of vigor.

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