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How to choose suitable for their own suits and shirts

Publié le 6 Juin 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

How to choose suitable for their own tailored made suit suit and shirt is the modern man the necessary basic common sense. Suit, shirt of choose and buy is very important, because the suits and shirts can show the man's manner.. So, how to choose suits own suit and shirt, it according to your body may refer to the following the principle of choose and buy.

Stout figure of men

The most suitable for single breasted coat, but size to fit, can be a little small, so that can highlight the breast thick, but should pay attention to hide belly button, pay attention to at any time. Should choose the dark material, do not use light color fabric. Use braces replace belt can make pants keep the nature, the waist is not shown outstanding, and doesn't make the top of trousers slide. Pointed straight stripe long collar shirt is the most appropriate, but always system tie, so others won't pay attention to your waist. Color with black, navy blue is given priority to, single breasted, loose type. If you choose to take, stripe, grid pattern and suits, had better not too smart.

Figure a little short and partial thin man

Suitable for wear the waist coat, but in the dress, coat should be paid attention to the length of the hip not cover all, or you will make them appear more short stature. Short thin form men don't wear black, navy blue, dark gray and dark color clothes, with a light gray light, etc as well.

Short stature of men

Can wear interval is not too large deep number stripe suit, it'll look taller. Should not wear contrast coat and trousers. The length of the jacket slightly shorter legs can appear a little longer, coat appropriate chooses long collar and sidekick. Wear straight stripe pointed collar shirt, again is a colorful common tie, make a basic style of slipknot. It's best to wear creases not obvious trousers; Leather shoes should be thick with some, in order to increase height.

Figure high thin man

Buy as far as possible to platoon to buckle suit, wear color contrast jacket and pants than to wear a suit of a complete set of, because this kind of clothes button position is low, the body is not so thin. Had better choose wide case suit, color is given priority to with light color department. Suit fabrics deprecated pinstripe, otherwise you will highlight figure faults, plaid is the best choice. Wide shirt with a moderate silk choker, preferably with triangle or vertical small design, add a collar vest, make the shape more thick. Pants should have obvious fold line and folding feet, use wide belt and platform shoes, add solid feeling.

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