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How to choose to fit oneself suits

Publié le 25 Mars 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

According to their own characteristics to choose suits that fit to oneself !

Custom-made beautiful tailored made suit suit have various styles and various colors, do you have no choice? In fact, from edition form speaking,mainly divided into Japanese suits and European suits, the biggest difference among both is that Japanese suits suit generally don't frap waist, and European suits generally frap waist, the body length of Japanese suits is shorter one centimeter than European suits.

For chunks of bodily form man, don't choose too long suits, if wear a suit, and had better not choose too bright-colored color. And shape a little short and partial thin man fit the slim coat, but in wearing time should pay attention to, the length of the coat is unfavorable to cover all hip, so it will make them figure appears more short. Short and thin men don't wear black, navy blue, dark gray of the brunet attune such as clothes, with a light gray is well. The type who is tall, as far as possible to buy platoon to buckle suit, because this kind of clothes button position is low, it looks that their body is not so thin.

Custom-made suit , must pay attention to two points: one,look at work, work main check line trace, manual and clamp surface, must pay attention to check two open line of suit pocket whether is consistent, the sleeve place whether have fold, usually durable suit has a important factor, that is the natural material, such as pure wool, the most sedate color is navy blue or black, and other such as brown, dark brown are not appropriate for a formal occasion wearing. Buy a suit must try, try and be will all the buttons on the button and see if it fits the shoulder, then the arm goes up and down, curved elbow see can appear wrinkles tight feeling. Suit to try, it is better to be a stretch, so we can see some problems, or back too tight, or line too tight, too loose , suit must have 1-2 inches modified room, therefore, if the length of the suit is not too long, still can buy.

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