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Make It Right to Match the Casual Suit

Publié le 16 Mai 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

Leisure suit with how the tailored made suit suit can be described as men in the most formal, most learned of a dress, can be basically suitable for any occasion, can easily bring out the men's handsome, elegant and polite gentleman temperament. Than leisure suit dress suits for limitations on the mix of smaller, very occasions, formal or do formal occasions basically can wear dress suits mostly by the design of the shoulder pads, the entire version of the type well but many orthodox suit will look too serious dull.

With the development of society, the business suit leisure, it inherits the traditional suit of plate, most of the design is no lining without shoulder pads, the more casual relaxed on the colors and styles of design more popular elements of the combination of the current, the more sought after by the young friends. Leisure suit with it? Factory of the world textile and clothing CTDtailor recently collected Men's leisure suit with a classic picture come together to look at how collocation of leisure suits, hoping to bring you some of the leisure suit dress inspiration
If you are tired of black and gray color tone suit, but also do not want to wear too fancy, then the blue suit is definitely a good choice, both low-key and reserved, not lack of fashionable degrees. Factory of the world textile and apparel network Ctdtailor think, leisure suit with details accessories is definitely not lacking, if you do not like your tie, bow and pocket towels must not be missing, it allows you the overall look is more formal, but also can better reflect the unique charm of your elegant gentleman.
Light blue double-breasted leisure suits, double-breasted design on the use of the suit is also very common, this style is more suitable to wear in a tall, thin boy, the better your body type, so thin the men's looks more strong upright. According to the factory of the world textile and apparel CTDtailor view, style is very retro sense, is also on the century aristocratic elite favorite style double-breasted design has inherited the romantic charm of the last decade, the European aristocracy also mixed with modern urban male modern trendy.

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