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Man dress method

Publié le 8 Juin 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

Since has its own civilization, and the relationship between the wearing is inseparable. Modern dress form, more can have a variety to choose from, and with the occasion collocation gives his own different style. In the matters needing attention are as follows:

1,tailored made suit dress is good quality, which is much more important than the full amount of the whole cabinet clothes . That dress in quality not quantity. So the concept of choose and buy, should have high quality clothing, can strengthen the confidence of the individual to wear, that is long clad philosophy.

2, the clothes wear after the suspension before, must keep within the pocket is empty, not bear excess weight, can brush to clean the dust on the surface of the garment, then hang to ventilated place, and can use the bathroom steam, clothes back fears sex, but avoid too much dry cleaning process.

3, dress in overall appearance, should pay attention to the little detail part, such as the long sleeve shirt cuff, must show a small cut in the suit jacket cuff outside, so can let a person feel you clean and elegant taste.

4 wearing jacket, when your shirt has worked in between, such as obvious uneven phenomenon, can use braces, it can avoid the supportiveness shirt wrinkle. In addition, choose unique condole belt, can let a person feel the different, but on colorific collocation, be careful to avoid too short.

5, in keep sitting position, to avoid socks show wrinkle declining phenomenon, or on the trouser legs and shoes, showing between the calf.

6, in the whole dress collocation, must avoid unnecessary decoration, like shining gorgeous shoes, exaggerated skin to take the lead, will affect the coordination.

7 avoid modeling exaggeration deserve to act the role of, such as watch is concerned, in the office or dinner and is not suitable for diving type, and date display leisure table.

8, the different style of shirt, should match different forms of tie or tie. Tie size, depends on the shape of the shirt collar piece and decide. Bring tablet is wider, such as the eight words brought, might as well will tie with a loose big tie, namely said Windsor knot); Or double knot of dozen. If the collar piece of small, narrow, should be playing small tie, or single "in order to keep the balance of the whole.

9, when to wear formal suit or tuxedo, the shirt sleeves should have double sleeve, namely "double sleeve shirt, or double button. At the same time the shirt sleeves part, have 2 cm length, Lou in the outside of the suit jacket sleeves. On the other hand, will be mistaken for shirt cuff wear, or not clean and hide, and are not party.

11, when to travel abroad, must pay attention, do as the Romans do, and when the wear fit. For example: in Italy there are many entrepreneurs, on formal occasions, often dressed in elegant west coat. In this case, if wear too traditional suit, will be considered too stand on ceremony. So pay attention to local wearing habits, also can get the respect that is due.

Twelve, pay attention to the correct use of accessories to bag for towel: this is a formal suit or dress necessary accessories, can't use used as a handkerchief. So wearing bag towel, should the other is required to prepare a handkerchief. In addition the British bag towel design and color, to avoid and tie or tie the design and color of the same.

13, the standard length of suits is arm natural lop thumb tip for garment body length .

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