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Man need to abide by the party place tie-in rule

Publié le 25 Avril 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

Very good males dress only a single or two place decoration design, as well as no clear adornment feels, and ideal version and proportion is definitely the crucial. Certainly this also does not mean men's wear tailored made suit dress and style trend has absolutely nothing to do, now preferred retro methods of material and narrow lapels models in the dress have show.

The collocation of pure black in the crowd pretty attract eyeball, appear trendy handsome. This section is just not black have no levels, initially collar color deeper, and tie is smooth material, turn out to be tie-in window.

Dress vest can be a piece of "free", design and style material as you want, but integral style to take tone. D&G this restores ancient approaches and magnificent brocade vest collocation of style restoring ancient approaches would be the dress, color and luster is classical, striped satin shawl collar style; And vest enough bright eye, dress will need not more decoration.

Colorful dress is difficult to be accepted, and this kind of dark red case grain colour point fairly decent, fabric itself is actually a decorative and design and style sense, style is quite concise, line is lively, and it just isn't a redundancy.

Pure black tradition design and style how all right, feel boring words can learn this collocation with a primary color silk shirt, elegant color for whole immediately covered a layer of quaint color.

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