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My Take on Men?¡¥s Leather Belts

Publié le 12 Mars 2013 in custom suits made to measure suit

Okay, so you?¡¥ve received it all down: an ideal fitting custom suits, the right colour combinations in addition to a great pair of shoes. You?¡¥re going out and you desire to seem your greatest. When you'll find at least a dozen add-ons you can wear (all of that are being covered in my book), there is one particular particularly that will provide you with that slick, manly look> the belt.

Whilst there are many sorts of belt fabrics, I want to emphasis right now within the highest good quality 1: leather.

Leather belts are versatile. They are able to be part of both a informal or formal attire and, when in harmony with the rest of the outfit, they're going to accentuate the pants and shirt or t-shirt. They could be worn at any age and can go well with most likely 95% of all of the clothing you have in your closet appropriate now (mixing and matching them is one more story, however).

But you can?¡¥t dress in leather belts in any way that you just want. There are particular rules that you just ought to follow to prevent producing a style blunder. Formal leather belts are thinner and normally have no patterns on them.

You could put on those by using a suit otherwise you can ?¡ãborrow?¡À them in your informal outfits (like I do every one of the time).

Casual belts, over the other hand, can?¡¥t perform in the two teams. They?¡¥re greater, possess a a lot more rugged element in addition to a greater, more colorful buckle.

Get this incredible leather belt from Superdry?¡¥s males clothes range:

This 1 won?¡¥t work by using a suit but it will appear wonderful with jeans. Discover the vintage vibe it offers off.

Brief query: how would you match this belt? If you?¡¥ve been reading across the site to get a even though, the answer must come easy to you:

Repeat the orange around the buckle!

Here?¡¥s a different one. This a single you can match to a pair of leather lace-up shoes or moccasins.

Matching your leather belt

If you would like be part of the fashion elite, you can?¡¥t quit right here, although. To give off a sexual vibe, you must match the belt with all the other accessories with your attire. You can match the leather belt with:

? a leather bracelet

? your leather wallet

? your leather footwear

There is certainly anything manly about leather, so long as you don?¡¥t overdo it. Repeating leather within your outfit show that you didn?¡¥t take place to put on it by accident. That is the true technique to get noticed through the crowd, not by wearing these ridiculous emblem t-shirts.

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