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Remember the three principles ,fashion can also is very simple

Publié le 28 Mars 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

A man's custom made suits clothing dress can show individual character and temperament, dress in dress and collocation should not be blindly follow others, from their own conditions, in order to fully reflect the charm of men. Man's clothing in the tie-in skill must pay attention to the men's clothing collocation have "three laws" :

To unify the Texture:

Never take it for granted that don't behave will be more "trend" , remember innovation is always "follow one's inclinations not more than moment", otherwise you will end up "alternative strange" end. Such as hand-knitted sweater, jeans, leather shoes, is the model of texture is uniform, and pure hemp coat patent leather pants is not unified.

Color should be unified:

First of all to grasp the man's wear four color: blue system (including black tone, cold tonal), brown system (warm color to move), colorful color (sportswear mostly use), shallow light color fastens . On the dress no faith and grasp people can choose black and middle tone. The color of man's clothing should not be commonly more than 3 kinds of colors, otherwise will be flowery and worldliness. And obesity shape people wear brunet thin mass clothes.

To unify the form:

What kind of clothes will accord with what kind of form, the short weight clothes don't too long, long put clothes don't too short. All clothing finally wear in the body to effect, is a person's contour shape. Jacket should be closed to the waist, paunchy man to choose carefully. Trousers is hanging in hip, top of trousers under the stomach, and is not pack stomach.

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