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The Common Fabric for the Process of Formal Dress

Publié le 20 Mai 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

Pure wool woolen custom made suits dress fabric, texture, solid feel, full surface soft, glanced photometric foot. Leeuwin bottom face it as well suede, textured clear elastic fabric, dress fabrics are better customize the autumn and winter dress fabric selection.
2, pure wool worsted dress fabric, texture with woolen much thinner, the surface is relatively smooth lines point of view very clearly. Gloss natural, slightly bleaching light. Soft breathable. Telescopic ability, easy to handle folds, also dress fabric reasonable good fabric, such as the grid is still a fabric with black classic men's dress in the highest degree of praise ordered the spring and summer dress.
Wool polyester blended fabrics, compared to the pure wool fabric softness somewhat less, crisp lines, the extent of the polyester content ratio. Should be stronger than the pure wool elastic, anti-fold is also strong but the texture is not as wool. The mid-range of dress fabrics are more common fabrics.
4, wool, cotton or viscose blended fabrics, blended fabrics Its advantage is wearing comfortable, maintenance is simple, relatively affordable prices for everyday wear. But poor gloss, flexible and not more than a few. If you are ready to making everyday wear suits, is actually very appropriate choice. Also belong to the mid-range of dress fabrics.
5, polyester and viscose mixed imitation fabric, which is recent young fashion people like fabric, thinner and smooth texture, very comfortable to wear less aliasing. Some of the Tide brand is also commonly used fabrics such clothing. However, in the production of dress is a matter of opinion. Belong in grade fabrics.

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