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The identification of Senior shirt

Publié le 18 Janvier 2013 in custom suits made to measure suit

Senior shirt identification

Then, the net is no longer fashionable custom suits , this sort of convenient and rapid, the price tag is cost-effective purchasing practical experience by several buyers. Primarily the standardization degree of reasonably substantial men's shirts, allow a group of e-commerce clothes brand rapidly expand up and PPG, VANCL, BONO, MasaMaso, HANY - said his shirt, you listen to who?

Senior shirt depends upon fabric

First of all, cotton fabric is made of cotton textile and come to be, so a big extent, the stand or fall of cotton determines the stand or fall of fabrics.

At present the cotton is divided into coarse wool cotton, staple cotton (also referred to as sea island cotton), upland cotton, and so forth., excellent two cotton fabrics, need to be use staple cotton textile and develop into. And staple Cotton in Egypt staple Cotton (Egyptian Cotton) and the United states of america Pima Cotton (Pima Cotton) inner greatest high quality.

Egyptian long-staple cotton fiber diameter ratio silk also fine 25%, soon after the yarn manufactured virtually no cotton knot, fiber strength is high, the fiber tidy uniform, a distinctive mercerized effect, therefore the Egyptian long-staple cotton fabrics created of silk and feel unique, the burnish like feeling and quality sense, garment repeated washing will nevertheless retain bright grey, and Egyptian long-staple cotton pure manual picking, organic pollution-free, price tag nature may be the most expensive during the globe.

Say again the Pima cotton, it truly is exceptionally pinter staple cotton (ELS) referred to, for the American southwest Pima Indian planting and handpick cotton tradition of naming. Pima cotton toughness is incredibly solid, sturdy than the average 45% cotton, cotton dyeing and finishing capacity, material colour and luster is vivid and shining, high quality of a material is all-natural soft, really feel smooth suspension, and only 3% of the world's complete output, is the most effective of cotton.

The international brand of a gleam of all make use of the above two exceptionally precious cotton as raw components. And network income brand use these precious cotton or uncommon. The so-called "a penny a factors goods", 68 yuan, 99 yuan no matter how to buy high priced staple cotton fabrics, cost and reduced marketing and advertising also difficult to do.

Moreover, must mention is Oxford spinning fabrics, it is actually cozy, hygroscopic quick dry strengths. But at present domestic mlm Oxford spinning shirt, and yarn fabrics is given priority to, very simple sense is shown somewhat rough, truly feel like cowboy cloth, manufacturing value is relatively reduced, and the upper class life fashion and there is certainly even now a certain gap concerning the mainstream organization suggestions. So some businessmen propaganda "royal Oxford spinning" idea remains to get talked about.

Identify senior shirt work

A shirt is excellent or undesirable, in addition to the fabric, but in addition through the information and excellent judgment. Shirt workmanship, resources, etc, it is actually chose to a shirt stand or fall with the vital things.

The first function, suture density not just represent the technique level, also represents the level of fabrics. From British coats line, fastness is high, large elasticity, and sophisticated fabrics with bring out the top in one another. It really is reported MasaMaso brand shirt all adopt this type of sewing thread, sewing stitch following smooth and beautiful, is not going to wrinkle. Moreover, at present the worldwide high-end suture needle distance for each 3 cm and needle, this really is also the European high-grade shirt mark of course of action.

For your keyhole thread processing, senior shirt may even invest loads of time to handle. Sewing line to tidy, company, smooth; Up and down the line elastic is suitable, no pick line, break off, landing needle area is due back stitch, and so forth, these information need to be about the lookout for.

Senior shirt are equipped with removable collar stage brace (plug of bamboo), collar stage assistance purpose is usually to hold collar variety straight, and simultaneously, take out the easy, handy cleansing and servicing, this is actually the sign of high-grade shirt. High-grade shirt are equipped with two pairs of hardness unique collar stage help, the convenience of our prospects in unique occasions in use.

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