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The matched skill of shirt with tie and suit

Publié le 23 Mars 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

Shirt and tie, the collocation of suit is no fixed programs. You can enjoy playing, but should please to the eye. However, for those who don't know "feast for the eyes" , the following a few basic principles may help you . Shirt and tie basic configuration Every man should have at least a white or light blue collar buttoned button of the shirt. tailored made suit In ties, at least there is a pure navy or Burgundy red tie for use during the day, still should have a silk damask tie or pure black tie and be ready to attend a formal dinner instead of the use of neckties. From choosing the tie Tie is always plays a leading role, because it is the most grab an eye part of clothing. Say commonly, should first focus on the tie and suit coat collocation. To compare the exquisite point of view, the color of the coat should be the basis of tie color. Then choose the shirt When you determine the collocation of tie and jacket , choosing a shirt must be easier . Usually, the color of a shirt and tie should be the last in a match.In general, tie should be more conspicuous than shirt on design. Sometimes, you can choose very distinct pattern shirt and tie. But, don't let shirt design pressure on a tie. Coordination Tie-in dress, should consider every detail. Shirt, tie, suit and all other. Each article should have a certain relationship with others . It's like feelings in the relationship between the partners, without communication, there is no harmonious. About the tie and dress shirt the collocation ,the common and more formal way is as follows: 1. The black suit, black is considered dress color, can match white shirt, pure black or pure white tie to attend the banquet, wedding or other grand occasion. 2. Dark gray or black suit, wear white is given priority to the pale shirt, can match with various colors tie, this is because the gray is a neutral color, and light color shirt is not easy to conflict, tie-in large degree of freedom. 3. Brown suit, wear white, yellow or and bright rice yellow shirt, can be equipped with dull brown and yellow tie. The other way to supplement can above for reference analogy, basically, formal occasions should wear dark color suits with light color dark shirt and tie, and should be the same as color suit, shirt, tie,it looks more coordination and comfortable, if need be conspicuous, can be in the basis of coordination and wear dark color tie to bring this effect.
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