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The Right Way to Suit Up

Publié le 26 Avril 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

The fit is the principal element

Suit originated in uniform, so the fit is the first element is critical to show a tall and straight heroic. The style and the cut of the suit and not be too loose, especially in the shoulder, or give people a sloppy, shabby feel.

Set of form-fitting custom made suits suits can make young confident the light mature male charm doubled, whether it is in the workplace or social arena you are the absolute protagonist.

Keep in mind the principle of a button

Distinguished from uniforms to suit the bottom the clasp must not buckle, of course, one button suit, except this is for dual considerations of etiquette and handy. Must be open and seated.

Shirt cuff exceeds suit 1.5cm

Shirt collar and cuffs Blazer beyond of 1.5cm appropriate level with a sense of high. Shirt collar and cuffs do not completely hidden inside the suit, timid shameful.

Pants length to the ankle is the most appropriate

The length of the trouser legs, and ankles are the most appropriate, the classic curling trousers on more subtle and norms. Trouser length can not be too long, if temporary borrowed very fit.

Must be used with dark socks

Dress must be with a black or dark-colored socks, must comply. Single step charm, not let it is most likely to be ignored, international dress code by wearing a dress with dark socks, dark-colored socks with colored stripes, you can choose if you can not accept the full black.

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