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The way to keep the suit

Publié le 6 Mai 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

A suit of servicing:

A, use the particular outfits hangers

Each and every time soon after take off custom made suits suit, very first to eliminate the things inside the pocket, then hang it on distinctive garments hangers. Hanger is most effective wood or plastic width handler, because wooden hangers has hydroscopicity, can absorb the dust and moisture of wool suit .

Trousers must hang up, it is possible to use suit joint hangers. Also,you'll be able to use distinctive garments tree of belt clip for trousers .Align the creases, clamp the bottom, hang it up, hanging is always to use its personal fat to create wool fiber stretch, restore modeling, additionally,if your knee part appear bulge, as a result of this kind of hanging, additionally, it can recover.

Second, flush the dustiness

Dustiness is suit's worst enemy,it might make the suit reduce the pure and fresh feeling, so that you need to be used to brush it. Occasionally if a suit with other fiber or not very easily removed dust, can use tape paper to adsorb, the result is extremely great.

3, take out the light

Lengthy dress in suit (specially smooth material), is easy to produce light inside the elbow and knee , but you may put together half pot of water, and drop a number of vinegar during the water, dip the towel , then use towels polishing some instances in a single course , so it may take out light.

4, cleaning

Suits can only dry cleaning, can't be washed in case the troubles of deformation, shrink, fade . Suits can not normally be dry cleansing, a well-preserved suit cannot be washed over 3 times every single quarter.

5, the assortment

Acquire a suit ahead of, initially clear away filth and send cleaner dry cleaning. Following the dry cleansing with hanger crane, place the camphor and pesticides while in the pocket, cover on plastic sleeve, gather up.The best is ventilated , decrease humidity location for collection.

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