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Tie, reading the taste of man

Publié le 9 Mai 2013 in custom made suits tailored made suit

Tie is an important symbol of man's grade discretion, on the surface, it is a simple decoration of the neckline for men , but through its collocation, we often can guess the wearer's age, occupation and temperament... Tie is different from general men decoration, by contrast ,it is more conspicuous, once you choose to wear it, it will into someone else' eyes every hour when you get along with people .

Tie itself is a kind of culture symbol of strength, it is the most typical kind of the outward tailored made suit clothing, tie can also be your personal image of the nation. Tie is the best way to show your personality, you are conservative, fancy, authoritative, silence, or serious personality, people can to understand quickly from your tie. In the west, tie, watches, French cuff button is considered to be the three decorations to deserve man. Although man's suit generally is no big change, but the tie is protean, color, decorative pattern, fabric,follow one's inclinations will be different style !

Tie is the only colored decorations for a man! Choose to have a taste for art, and has the authority strength of ties, can foil a a successful man deep magnificent charm! Of course mature man can foil the verve of tie . But some fashionable personage also often use tie to make changeful modeling, even some women also use collar to express their neutral and sexy style!

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